Multi-award winning debut feature film, coming to cinemas in 2019.


Ruby has been kidnapped, but her captor doesn't want a ransom he wants her to fall in love with him.

Starring Ingvild Deila (Star Wars: Rogue One, Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Stuart Mortimer.

Writer/Director/Producer:  Edward Palmer

Director of Photography:  Tomás Brice

Production Designer:  Carolina De Lemos

Sound Designer:  Alice Trott

Composer:  Tim Scott


"Edward Palmer’s achievement is to make a film, ‘Hippopotamus’, that is quite mesmerizing and to do so with a minuscule budget. The casting and the acting is exemplary and the production has none of the tell tale signs that so often reveal a micro budget production for what it is. It just proves that a good film is made using ideas and with a passion rather than by throwing money at the screen.” 

Roger Deakins

'One of the 28 best films of all time you've probably never seen'

Business Insider


'Hippopotamus captures the very essence of cinema'

UK Film Review


'Highly recommend it to fans of claustrophobic horror and psychological thrillers'

Addicted to Media

'Sometimes, you come across an Indie movie that grips your attention from the first second and leaves you breathless after the screening'

OC Movie Reviews

'Hippopotamus' is a shining example of how a great story and some excellent talent can really push the indie film scene forward'


'A Triumph through and through'

One Film Fan

'Shockingly Intelligent'

Diamond in the Rough

'An unpredictable, unconventional success'

Flickering Myth

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